InOtherWords was founded by Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath (OK-RM) in 2015. As an experimental publishing imprint, it has produced some 28 publications and is in the process of producing several more. Fundamentally, the imprint is interested in exploring the form of the book and its resonance as an object in culture at large. In other words, the imprint supports and furthers collaborative exchange with artists and cultural practitioners through carefully crafted contexts and the production of printed matter. 

InOtherWords has developed a practice that stretches the spatial and temporal potential of form in pursuit of optimal resonance. Each publication grows according to its own conceptual logic and material needs, InOtherWords functions to accommodate those idiosyncrasies. The imprint is conceived and communicated through careful consideration of flow, craft, intuition, performance, choreography, allowing for chance encounters, and most importantly, collaboration. In other words, it is always seeking new ways to engage with the printed object.