The Editorial Designer & The Artist

Posted by Oliver Knight on 2022-03-03

A conversation with ECAL graduate Samira Schneuwly, Thomas Poulsen (FOS), Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath, revisiting the very first InOtherWords publication, One Language Traveller, and discussing the relationship between the editorial-designer and artist, and the possibilities that lie latent within the book medium in terms of space, scale and materiality within the pages of the book. 

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Narrative Project derived from the Conversation

Posted by Oliver Knight on 2019-06-01

An interview exploring the various collaborations, concepts and ideas that have acted as driving forces behind the making of key InOtherWords publications such as Ex Nihilo by Daniel Shea, Disobedient Bodies by Jonathan Anderson, and One Language Traveller with artist FOS.

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Ex Nihilo

Posted by Oliver Knight on 2019-03-08

Ex-Nihilo is a collaboration between artist Daniel Shea and OK-RM that appeared in many forms, including a book and an edition, a series of installations, an exhibition and a capsule collection. In 2019, Daniel Shea presented a series of archival photographs from Ex Nihilo at the Ginza Art Book Fair.  The book project documents material products, exploring transformative processes and their manifold outcomes. It is a work of fiction, exposing the mysteries of how matter and being appear to emerge from nothing. A landscape has the presence of a built form, while a building is presented with the factual quality of...

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A Conversation

Posted by Oliver Knight on 2020-05-05

‘What are we looking at’ interview with Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath about intuition, criticality, constraints and methodology in the book making process. 

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Journey of Things by Magdalene Odundo

Posted by Oliver Knight on 2020-12-08

The first edition of Magdalene Odundo's Journey of Things won Best Book Design at the 2020 Tokyo Type Directors Club Awards in Japan. The publication experiments with the conceptual, formal and structural potential of the book, comprised of a series of interleaved sections presenting an organic flow of content which pairs and juxtaposes the historic and the contemporary, featuring works of multiple renowned artists and ancient artefacts. It challenges the status and role of the art catalogue through the exploration of a series of dichotomies – past/present, hard/soft, ephemeral/permanent with the intention of creating a mood which is both contemporary and classical.

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